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Cutting-edge, easy-to-use tools help you locate, reach, engage, and convert the right target customers
Capital Markets
Advanced data tools help investors and market participants assess portfolio risk, predict customer behavior, and comply with KYC and other regulations
Empower small businesses and make more informed decisions while evolving your enterprise
Communications & Utilities
Grow your business, manage existing customers, and reduce risk in an ever-changing market
Credit Unions
Reach new audiences, strengthen existing relationships, and build a brighter financial future for your members
Financial Services
Reduce risk, improve decision-making, and enhance efficiency for banking, lending, and other financial services
Rich data, predictive analytics, and cloud-native technologies can help fintechs target and acquire more customers, mitigate fraud, and make better business decisions
Forward-thinking data solutions help you focus on best prospects and opportunities for growth, while also reducing fraud risk and financial losses
Equifax Government Solutions can help agencies increase efficiency, reduce costs, minimize risk, manage compliance, and improve program delivery
Improve health outcomes, business outcomes, and patient satisfaction with a streamlined healthcare journey
Higher Education
Leverage verified, differentiated data insights to help you better understand you school’s program effectiveness.
Integrate specialized and differentiated data into your processes to improve quoting accuracy and profitability
Discover solutions designed to help transportation, logistics and distribution companies find more business customers and manage risk.
Commercial data solutions help acquire more customers, mitigate risk, verify a customer’s identity and more
Mortgage & Housing
Reduce risk, improve decision-making, and enhance efficiency for mortgage and multi-family housing industries.
Grow new merchant relationships, strengthen existing ones and streamline the payment process for your merchants.
Pre-Employment Screening
Make more informed hiring decisions and help reduce employee turnover with accurate data about candidates’ employment history
Professional Services
Advanced solutions use actionable insights from customer and industry data to help build and grow client portfolios
Retail & E-Commerce
Better data and easy-to-use tools can reduce risk, protect revenue, and improve the purchase process
ACA Total Income
Retrieve up-to-date applicant income and employment information for Medicaid and APTC subsidized medical insurance plans
AML Connect
A streamlined, scalable anti-money laundering compliance service from Equifax and FICO
AMP Insights
Rate, compare, and evaluate the risk and ROI of multi-family complexes more effectively
AVM Insight TM
Manage collateral risk with an enhanced automated valuation model (AVM)
Absolute Expected Loss
Improves accuracy and effectiveness of forecasting, reserving, portfolio management, credit decisioning, and pricing
Absolute Probability of Default
Identify overall portfolio risk, risk in key segments and customer base, to make agile and informed business decisions
AbsolutePD Portfolio Manager
Identify emerging risks and opportunities across multiple segments of your portfolio
AbsolutePD® Stress Test Simulator
An add-on module to the APD model, the APD Stress Test Simulator module generates scenario-based PD predictions
Accelerated Refresh™
Accelerate the time to close
Account Verification
Mitigate risk by verifying the identity of consumers with their account numbers
Addressable TV
Serve ads to your optimal target audience and optimize your marketing dollars
Advanced Communication Plus
Make better decisions and mitigate risk while leveraging the strength of NCTUE data
Advanced Energy Plus
Make better decisions and mitigate risk with Advanced Energy Plus while leveraging the strength of the telco and utility data
Affluence Index TM
Improve targeting and marketing models with an indicator of households’ capacity to spend, save, or invest
Affordable Care Act Management
ACA Compliance Management made easy
Analytic Dataset
Gain more consumer insights and create better predictive models with borrower-level data
Archives on Demand
A cloud-based, self-serve platform that provides fast access to historical and geographic data
B2B Marketing Compass
Marketing analytics tool to help with your market segmentation and ideal customer profile identification
B2B Marketing Lists
Identify and target the right businesses to help generate leads quickly
Improve the targeting of new business accounts with one of the largest commercial marketing databases in North America
B2bConnect Plus
Improved targeted marketing efforts with extensive firmographics and payments data
B2bConnect Portal
Lets you pull targeted data in real time and create and initiate omni-channel marketing campaigns
Bankruptcy Navigator Index 5.0
Maximize your portfolio profitability and protect against the immediate, long-term or surprise risk of bankruptcy
Beneficial Owner ID
Streamline the collection and processing of beneficial owners with a digital platform to meet FinCEN requirements
Breach Services
We support thousands of organizations and millions of people during moments that matter – helping individuals and businesses prepare for, respond to, and recover from a data breach
Business Credit Reports
Help spot immediate and future risk with the Equifax Business Credit Report
Business Identity Reports
Verify the existence of a business and confirm key business details
Business Principal Report
Get a view into credit-worthiness of business owners and principal guarantors
Business Risk Monitor for Small Business
Periodic alerts sent to you to protect your business and its reputation with minimal time and cost
Business Risk Scores
Quickly set appropriate credit terms based on potential for business failure and payment delinquency
Business Value Advisor
Prospecting through a visualization engine built for advisors
Business Verification Solution
Reduce the potential risk of fraud by confirming the legitimacy of a business and the business owners
BusinessConnect™ is a B2B automated credit decisioning tool that makes it easy for sales teams to qualify businesses with the push of a button
CRE Tenant Risk Assessment
Quickly and accurately identify risk at the tenant, building and portfolio level
Candidate Verification Summary
Receive an instant comparison of a candidate-stated application matched to verified employment data from The Work Number
Cashflow Insights
Leverage consumer-permissioned bank account and transaction data to expand consumer access to credit
Closed-Loop Attribution
Measure the impact of your digital marketing
Collateral Value Connector
Optimize your collateral valuation process while reducing costs
Compliance Center
Onboard new hires anywhere, anytime, with confidence
A better, faster, and more efficient method of managing and linking customer information
Consumer Attributes
The industry’s largest, most powerful portfolio of credit attributes delivering enhanced predictability and performance
Consumer Credit File
Make more accurate credit decisions with robust consumer credit data
Consumer Email Services
Engage consumers through email for acquisition and retention campaigns
Consumer IncomeView
Make stronger, confident decisions by more accurately estimating consumer income
Credit History Report (CHR)
Conduct a thorough review of a business accounts credit quality by assessing past borrowing behavior
Credit Report Monitoring (API)
Enhance consumer engagement by providing alerts with consumer credit reports and scores.
Credit Reports (API)
Engage with consumers by providing direct access to their credit reports within your own portal or application
Credit Review Express
Create a customized credit review process based on level of risk to increase efficiency
Credit Score CoachTM
A virtual credit assistance solution powered by VantageScore® to provide consumers with financial direction while driving your business forward
Credit Scores (API)
Engage with consumers by providing direct access to their credit scores within your own portal or application.
Credit Trends
Build flexible market strategies with comprehensive consumer credit perspectives
Strengthen performance with actionable credit data and advanced forecasting
Better size markets, measure market share and assess credit behavior of target markets
CreditStyles Pro
Differentiate households based on their estimated credit behavior, availability, needs, and usage
CreditXpert Suite
Consumer credit score tools to help you close more loans and help customers get their best credit score
Custom Scoring Variables v2
Custom Score Variables v2 provides valuable components to help you build models with powerful predictive capabilities
Customer Portfolio Review
Reduce risk and grow your portfolio with custom criteria for deep insights on consumer credit behaviors
DataX Credit Report
Bring more borrowers into view with non-traditional credit data
Digital Identity Trust
Have confidence in the legitimacy of consumer identity with effective verification
Digital Onboarding and Custom Audiences
Leverage existing marketing lists and insights used for offline marketing to target the same consumers online
Digital Prescreen - Display
Reach your Prescreen audience through digital channels
Digital Prescreen - Email
Reach your Prescreen audience through email
Digital Targeting Segments
Better deliver the right message to the desired target audience online
Disaster Relief Tax Credit Management
We help make claiming disaster relief and emergency relief tax credits easier so your organization can benefit without burdening your team
Diversity Insights
Inform strategic diversity goals with insight on ethnicity and generation of lending customers
EFX Link
Linkage of your business and consumer customers' information to identify new sales opportunities
Economic Cohorts
Enhance customer segmentation by differentiating households using economic measures
Education Verification
Fast, comprehensive verification of an applicant's education status
Employment Tax Services
Recover overpaid taxes, manage employment tax liabilities, and minimize compliance risk
Employment Verifications
Safe, secure and fast, The Work Number® reduces your work and keeps life moving for your employees
Equifax House Price Index
Granular house price data at your fingertips
Equifax Ignite®
Unified data and analytics ecosystem for faster decision making
eCommerce Hotlist
Quickly identify high growth merchants and eCommerce businesses to improve targeted marketing efforts
FICO Resilience Index
A new analytic tool to help capture consumer credit risk linked to unexpected economic stress
FICO Risk Score
Help build greater profitability with proven predictive scoring
FICO® Score XD
FICO® Score XD is a credit risk score for "unscoreables"
Financial Cohorts and Financial Spectrum
Enhance customer segmentation by differentiating households with financial measures
Financial Durability Measures
Differentiate households by financial resilience to enhance marketing acquisition and account management efforts
Financial Statement Report
The Financial Statement Report™ gives a complete picture of risk before you make a decision — all with a single click
FraudIQ Authenticate
Risk-based authentication helps prevent identity fraud without disrupting the customer experience
FraudIQ Identity Alerts
Protect your business from fraud by quickly identifying suspicious information and potential risks
FraudIQ Identity Score
Prevent fraudulent activity during customer acquisition and account opening
FraudIQ Manager
Frontline defense against application fraud with improved workflows and fraud data sharing
FraudIQ Synthetic ID Alerts
Help protect your business from synthetic identity fraud losses while minimizing false positives
Freddie Mac Home Value Explorer
Streamline collateral valuation with a statistically-rooted confidence score
Freddie Mac Income & Asset Assessment
Automated income modeler for a reimagined mortgage experience
Graduate Outcomes
Enable educational institutions to better understand their graduates' income and financial health in post-graduate years
I-9 Anywhere
Remote I-9 verification on time, and in person with our nationwide network of authorized I-9 representatives
I-9 Audit and Remediation
Gain confidence in your I-9s
I-9 Conversion
Transform the way you manage your I-9s
I-9 Management
Manage Form I-9 at each stage with an online I-9 management service that helps make I-9 compliance even easier
IRS Tax Transcripts Fulfillment Service
A fast and efficient way to request IRS tax transcripts online
Incarceration Intelligence
Search thousands of records to identify incarceration status and improve compliance with eligibility requirements
Income & Employment Verification
Income and employment verifications within seconds
Income360 Complete
Enhance targeting with a total household income estimate, including income from assets
Inflection Insurance Score
Creating valuable insight into policyholder risk
InitialQuote Score
Win More Business by Fueling Initial Rate Quotes With Up-front Credit Insight
A strategic ideation experience where Equifax and its customers collaborate to solve complicated business challenges using advanced data and analytics
Insight Score for Auto
A credit risk score optimized for the auto industry to help you score more consumers, reduce risk, and improve portfolio performance
Insight Score for Credit Cards
A credit risk score optimized for credit cards to help you score more consumers, reduce risk, and improve portfolio performance
Insight Score for Insurance
Game-changing predictive score to help insurers grow their business faster and more profitably
Insight Score for Personal Loans
An innovative, FCRA risk score optimized for unsecured personal loans
Insight Score for Retail Banking
Optimize DDA acquisition with a wider view of customers
InstaTouch ID
Simplify digital transactions for consumers and minimize the risk of fraud in real-time
InstaTouch Offers
Real time credit file information provides businesses with advanced insights to optimize firm offers
InstaTouch Pay
Enable payments through digital wallets
Instant Client Insights (ICI) Suite
Promote continuity of benefits with data-driven insights from application through renewal
Enhance your customer models with investable assets and investment behavior data
iW-4 Management
Improve efficiency and accuracy for you and your employees by streamlining your W-4 process
Lost Sales Analysis for Automotive
See the business lost to competitors, and how those loans are performing, so you can win more customers
Lost Sales Analysis for Mortgage and Home Equity
Better understand consumer behavior and competitor activity during prospecting, loan origination and portfolio retention
Intelligent Fraud Management Solution
MarketMix Premier
Better determine market share and improve territory and branch planning
MarketVision for Securities
Better determine brokerage market share and improve territory and branch planning
Marketing Identity Elements
Validate, enhance, and link consumer records to support your marketing campaigns
MasterScore® v2
MasterScore v2’s powerful ability to predict borrowers’ risk leads to improved decisioning and increased profitability
Military Lending Act (MLA) Covered Borrower Status
A fast and easy way for financial institutions to complete the required MLA covered borrower status check
Model Integration Tool
Rapidly integrate credit and risk models to get to market faster
OFAC Alert
Conduct OFAC checks quickly and efficiently to meet various aspects of regulatory requirements
Onboard new commercial accounts faster, without increasing the risk to your business
A multi-data credit score for more predictability
OneScore for Commercial
Increase the predictability of default on your commercial accounts with a comprehensive delinquency score
Rethinking credit: The new standard in credit insights delivery
Payment Insights
Consumer-permissioned utility and telco data to help lenders gain a more comprehensive view of consumers' financial picture
Portfolio Risk Manager
Portfolio Risk Manager® significantly improves your ability to monitor, detect and prioritize risk in your portfolio
Deeper portfolio perspective that fits your budget
Pre-Employment Verifications
Improve your quality of hire with verified employment data from The Work Number
Proactively identify consumers with locked or frozen credit files prior to the application process
Prequalification of One
Increase marketing ROI by better matching consumers with their desired credit options
Target the right consumers for lending offers
Prescreen Direct with Property
Zero in on property data for more targeted home equity and mortgage marketing
Prescreen of One
Three seconds to more effective cross-selling of pre-approved credit offers
Property Condition Report
Manage collateral risk with a market leading property condition report
Property Verification
Verify residential property ownership within seconds
Target more revenue with tailored marketing
Recovery Report
Maximize collectability efforts with this collections specific consumer report
Risk Decisioning Suite powered by InterConnect®
Grow your business with an automated, rules-driven credit and risk decisioning platform fueled by diverse data
Risk Insight Suite
The Risk Insight Suite® provides invaluable information and resources that help you make profitable decisions
Secure MFA
Add fast, easy, reliable protection with layered authentication for your digital channels
ServiceLink National Flood
Reliable, compliant flood zone determinations
Small Business Assets
Use asset estimates to improve marketing to small businesses and targeting of small business owners
Small Business Default Index
Small Business Default Index measures the percentage of loans and leases to small businesses that have defaulted
Small Business Delinquency Index
Small Business Delinquency Index measures the percentage of loans that are 31-90, 91-180, and 31-180 days delinquent
Small Business Lending Index
Small Business Lending Index measures the volume of new small business loans issued over the past 30 days
Smart Screen™ Plus - TenantCheck
Simplify and expedite your tenant screening process
Helping financial institutions prepare for CECL
Social Service Verification
Use The Work Number® to verify the employment and income information in real time to provide clients the right government assistance in their time of need
Spending Power
Improve targeting and marketing models with a dollar measure of households’ likely capacity to spend, save, or invest
Standard Online Property Reports
Reliable, up-to-date and comprehensive property data and analytics
State Onboarding Compliance Solution
Our State Onboarding Compliance Solution tracks legislation and helps you get the right form to the right employee on time, helping you stay on top of evolving state-required new hire notifications
Strategic Business Review
Provides an in-depth, customizable and comprehensive benchmarking of a lender's loan/lease portfolio versus peer group
Supplier Risk Solution™ Powered by Interos
Map, monitor, and model the risk within your extended supply chain network
Talent Report Employment
Gain the flexibility and transparency you need when conducting Pre-Employment Verifications
Talent Report™ Education
Access and verify education history to save total hiring cost and hire candidates faster
Talent Report™ Employment
Know more about candidates up front to further enhance your ability to make more informed hiring decisions
TargetPoint Triggers
Reach consumers that are in-market for new credit
Tax Form Management
Find tax form efficiencies and savings with digital services from Equifax
Telco, Pay TV and Utilities Insights
Trended Credit*Hi-Lite ™ plus new Telco, Pay TV and Utilities attributes unlock powerful, verified insights that are not traditionally available
The Work Number ID
Our identity validation service helps give you assurance early in the credit cycle
Trended Credit*Hi-Lite
Our flagship tri-merge credit report
True In-Market Propensity Scores
Acquire the best customers first with refined prospect lists
Truepic Vision
Enhancing digital trust and customer satisfaction with secure content verification for virtual inspections
Undisclosed Debt Monitoring™ (UDM)
Avoid last-minute surprises and boost efficiency in mortgage lending
Undisclosed Debt Pre-Close and Compare Reports
Identify potential credit liabilities with a tri-bureau view into a borrower's undisclosed debt
Unemployment Cost Management
One of the nation’s leading choices for unemployment management processes for over 65 years
Unemployment Wage Audit Solution
Reduce your burden of response and meet wage audit obligations
A new standard for credit scoring
Verification of Employment for Government
Verify applicants’ employment instantly
Wallet Insights API
Real-time access to Equifax / IXI data via API
WealthComplete Premier
Grow share of wallet with a complete picture of liquid financial assets for every U.S. household
Work Opportunity Tax Credit Management
Get the most out of the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC). Tap our proprietary technology to help simplify the process, identify more WOTC eligible employees, and capture more tax credits for your company
Buy Now Pay Later
Our industry-leading approach supports Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) growth while promoting responsible lending with positive consumer outcomes
Commercial Data
Leverage one of the most complete and compelling commercial data sets in North America
Consumer Data
Explore comprehensive consumer credit data only Equifax can provide
Marketing Data
Fuel your marketing efforts with insights into the financial capacity of consumers