Make Fast, Rules-based Credit and Risk Decisions

The risk decisioning suite offers the ideal solution for companies that need quick customer decisioning for new credit account openings and other risk, marketing, and fraud decisions. 

Automate routine decisions in real-time at the point-of-sale and reduce manual interventions.
  • Easy to use, flexible, and scalable cloud-based decision management system (DMS)
  • Set data-driven, rules-based decisions with access to consumer credit, risk, marketing, fraud, and commercial data
  • Enable consistent, streamlined decision-making across the enterprise
  • Accelerate account acquisition and boost the customer experience
  • Choose from multiple options to fit the needs of your large, medium, or small organization
  • Available to financial institutions, telcos, insurance, auto financing, utility companies, and other lenders to automate consumer decisioning

Fuel your decisioning

Minutes to seconds
Accelerate decisions with InterConnect Decision Hub
Score up to 21% more
Score more applicants with alternative data
Months to days
Quickly launch new products and decision rules
*Equifax data and analytics

InterConnect Decision Hub

Leverage a comprehensive decision intelligence platform aligned to your specific objectives.
  • Offers a pre-built, ready to use command center 
  • Access comprehensive consumer credit, alternative, identity, fraud, and compliance data as well as commercial data sources
  • Use built-in workflows and decisioning templates for common acquisition use cases
  • Analyze decision history with summary reports
  • Collaborate across your organization with unique access controls
  • Access via API, UI, or batch delivery channels
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InterConnect Decision Lite

Use predefined decision rulesets on a platform designed for small and medium businesses
  • Rely on pre-packaged data and preconfigured decision rulesets for your industry
  • Benefit from simplified, streamlined credit and risk assessment
  • Access consumer credit, bill pay history, and identity verification data to inform decisions
  • Avoid the resources and expense required for custom decision models and platforms
  • Designed for small to medium financial institutions, fintechs, insurance, communications, and utilities 
  • Access via API
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InterConnect Auto Hub

Automate credit, marketing, risk, and verification decisions for auto-related transactions
  • Leverage a pre-configured decision management solution specifically for auto
  • Inform auto-related decisions with choice of consumer credit, alternative, identity, and fraud data
  • Designed for auto dealers, resellers, lenders, manufacturers, and third party service providers
  • Access via API

Integrate with Equifax Ignite®

Boost your decisioning and advance your models with an analytical platform
  • Use the InterConnect decisioning platform and Equifax Ignite analytical platform together to make smarter decisions
  • Use an integrated feedback loop to deliver your decisioning results directly into Equifax Ignite for deeper analysis
  • Analyze model scenarios and explore new datasets to fuel your decision criteria

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Equifax Ignite

When InterConnect is integrated with Equifax Ignite through our feedback loop, you can continuously compare “expected” to “actual” results to refine and apply the best decision tools and strategies.