Product Overview

To be innovative — an industry trailblazer — requires challenging outdated assumptions. Exploring new ideas. Reimagining everything.

Disrupt like never before with InnovationX, an immersive, strategic ideation experience from Equifax. Bring your teams to collaborate alongside our most creative minds in data science, analytics and technology — to develop game-changing solutions with access to cloud-native, differentiated data assets, shrewd analytics and technology that only Equifax can provide. It's time to experience new breakthroughs. Join us and start reimaginging now!

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InnovationX. Challenge assumptions. Disrupt thinking. Change the industry.

It's time to re-imagine everything. Join us.

Key Benefits

  • Find more customers and foster financial inclusion by using predictive and differentiated data.
  • Rapidly innovate to keep up with changing industry needs and trends.
  • Get from analytics to production rapidly, with multiple data sources and xAI solutions delivered in real time.
  • Create better customer experiences in an increasingly competitive environment.
  • Leverage cloud-native technology for deeper, more predictive insights that enable innovation at scale.
  • Remain ahead of changing credit risk patterns and reduce fraud.
  • Develop new strategies and solutions that will help deliver smarter revenue for your business.

Who It's For


You need a trusted, collaborative partner that helps solve unique business challenges, find and approve new customers and deter fraud — fast, and keep ahead of competitors.

Traditional lenders / Mid-sized banks and credit unions

You need a trusted, collaborative partner and unique, expanded data to compete with new market players, approve more customers, and effectively manage risk and deter fraud.

Other Organizations (Telcos, Retailers, Insurance, etc.)

You need a trusted, collaborative partner and unique, expanded data to compete with new market players, approve more customers, and effectively manage risk and deter fraud.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is InnovationX for?

The Equifax InnovationX immersive experience center provides an opportunity for both fintechs, established financial institutions and other organizations to collaborate in real time with Equifax executive leadership and the best-of-the best in data science and vertical industry expertise to harness the predictive intelligence of data as they prepare to launch new solutions, remain ahead of changing credit risk patterns, reduce fraud and create better customer experiences in an increasingly competitive environment.

Is InnovationX in-person or virtual?

Currently, we are offering InnovationX as a virtual experience. As coronavirus vaccines become more generally available and distancing restrictions ease, the InnovationX immersive experience center will be open for in-person collaboration. 

How is what InnovationX provides to fintechs different from how they are currently innovating?

InnovationX offers fintechs and established financial services companies the ability to innovate with a trusted partner to help catapult their business, stay ahead of trends and take care of customers faster and better than their competitors. The experience puts customers in a position to ask questions and get answers in real time, leveraging the limitless potential of different combinations of Equifax unique credit and alternative data assets.  

How customizable is the process to a lenders’ specific business operations, needs and issues?

Working closely with Equifax data scientists and industry experts, a company participating in InnovationX will receive completely customized attention and solutions specific to their core challenges. 

What should a company expect as a result of engaging InnovationX data experts and strategists? 

InnovationX is designed to help:

  • Create smarter revenue (increased profits, higher margins)
  • Deliver a better customer experience (more consistent, frictionless, repeatable, etc.)
  • Learn to better manage risk across the customer lifecycle
  • Be first to market with innovative solutions to evolving market problem
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