Product Overview

Typically, you lose hours manually aggregating, spreading, and analyzing borrowers’ financial statement data. This manual work can result in delays—creating a suboptimal customer experience—and inefficiencies that negatively impact your bottom line.
​​​​​​​With the Financial Statement Report™, a single click saves you hours of time, pulling the data you need from a wide variety of accounting platforms and giving you a complete picture of risk before making a decision.

Automate financial statement collection

Financial Statement Report offers:
  • One-click data extraction across accounting platforms
  • Information you care about most exactly how you want to see it
  • Standardized analysis for underwriting, credit reviews, and portfolio management
​​​​​​​ FSR covers more than 80% of all accounting platforms, ensuring the quality of data you are receiving is sound and accurate. The hours of time saved with FSR’s collection, spreading, and analysis capabilities mean easier, faster, more confident credit decisioning.

Solution Process

Create Engagement

Create your customer’s engagement in the cloud based portal.

Customer Notification

Your customer accepts the invitation and creates a password.

Data Submission

Your customer grants single-instance access to create a read only snapshot of their financial data. The data is extracted, encrypted, and sent to your secure cloud based portal.


The data is standardized into a usable format that looks the same every time regardless of the accounting software they use.

Data Access

The standardized data is accessible for you to view, analyze, and run reports.

Introducing Financial Statement Report

A time saver — and a business saver.

Leveraging this new “go-to” for fair and timely lending decisions, you've given your institution the competitive advantage to grow your business.

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