Product Overview

For retail banks, deepening customer relationships via cross-selling is one of the keys to profitability. Prescreen of One lets front-line sales associates confidently cross-sell at the point of sale with real-time prescreening for pre-approved credit offers.

Split-second credit insight and recommendations

Have a more complete picture of a consumer's financial capacity by integrating market-leading credit and ability-to-pay insight within the existing interface used by retail banking sales associates. Overdraft protection, credit card, auto financing and HELOC offers are delivered to the same screen as the deposit account decision, seamlessly streamlining pre-approved credit offers at the new accounts deck, call center or online.

Make the right offers

A highly cost-effective cross-sell solution, that easily works within existing retail banking system technologies, requiring no additional IT support.


In seconds, the solution simultaneously delivers DDA decisioning and prescreened offers for additional services.


Pre-packaged delivery options or complex multi-tiered strategies provide a simple and affordable process upgrade.


No additional re-keying is required because the initial account setup data is expeditiously returned as decisioning information & prescreened offers.

Quick Insights for Recommending Pre-approved Credit Offers.

With Prescreen of One, banks can optimize household account profitability with integrated, real-time insights and recommendations at the point of sale for deposit account decisioning and prescreened offers.

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