Product Overview

In today’s expanding marketplace the competition is fierce, and it’s ever more important to ensure you’re maintaining the right supplier relationships. Unfortunately, only 6% of companies report full visibility of their supply chain.  

The Supplier Risk Solution™, powered by Interos, helps assess new vendors and suppliers quickly to ensure continuity of business and avoid potential supply chain disruptions.
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Who It's For

Supply Chain and Procurement
Reduce the risk of supply chain disruptions by finding reliable vendors and suppliers
Compliance Management and Security
Respond quickly to potential cyber attacks originating within your supply chain

Key Stats

Say visibility into global supply chains is very important
Average annual cost of supply chain disruptions
Of businesses still rely on manual methods
Product Sheet

Identify the Right Vendors through Effective Analysis

“As disruptions increase, organizations need to modernize the assessment and monitoring of suppliers and the supply chain. Leveraging the right technology to instantly assess multiple types of risk within your supplier network can help improve the effectiveness of onboarding new suppliers, while simultaneously flagging changes in the risk profile of existing suppliers.”
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Gain Greater Visibility Into Your Supply Chain

Having greater visibility into the potential risks brought on by all your vendors and suppliers is no longer a nice to have.  Equifax Supplier Risk Solution, Powered by Interos, is designed to give you that visibility and help you to respond quickly to potential risks. 

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