Product Overview

The Commercial Real Estate (CRE) Tenant Risk Assessment report and app are designed to help businesses better understand their CRE portfolio. By using detailed financial information on a building's tenant base, commercial real estate lenders and bankers can help identify which tenants are on sound financial footing and whether or not they can weather the storm.

Who It's For

Banks and Financial Institutions
Improve underwriting accuracy for commercial real estate and multi-tenant properties
Asset Owners and Investors
Monitor tenants to detect changes in payment patterns
Commercial Real Estate Brokers and Advisors
Validate cash flow and valuation estimates

Adopt a more proactive mindset

CRE has entered a new digital world that is redefining risk management. This creates new challenges — and opportunities — to improve visibility, accuracy, and real-time communication. To capture competitive advantage, lenders, leasers, brokers, owners, and technology providers must keep up or catch up.

Data’s at the core of the ability to pivot and thrive. Not just data, actually, but information. Download the eBook to learn more.

Key Stats

of U.S. banks that hold commercial real estate loans
$66.19 / sq ft
Average cost of losing a tenant
Amount of annual CRE transaction flow

Dig deeper into your commercial real estate portfolio

Consistent Commercial Real Estate (CRE) tenant and portfolio risk assessment is critical now more than ever. Many executives are not proactively evaluating commercial tenant risk, which may result in cash flow issues with late rent payments, or worse, with tenants going out of business and the cost of vacant commercial office space. Don't get left behind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Over 6 million commercial office retail, and industrial buildings

  • 14.7 million tenants in those buildings
  • Tenant firmographic data and commercial company risk score


Equifax builds out the dataset with all reported business addresses. Equifax evaluates the numerous data sources identifying companies at an address. The aggregated company list is ranked based on Equifax’s model and that drives the Active tenant list. The final results display all buildings with active tenants.
  • Residential buildings are currently excluded
  • Companies that do not meet our definition of active defined as not having activity associating the business at an address within the last 180 days
  • Buildings with >1000 tenants associated with the address
  • The address is a PO Box

The scoring model requires enough inputs to be able to score the company. If a company does not have any obligations (credit) to be scored or if the obligations are in a different entity name from the tenant name then the report is unable to display the score.

If you do not see a tenant you would expect at a location, then that company was not identified as Active at that address based on the model. This could be because there are no sources identifying the company at the location within the last 180 days. Sources may not have reported the company with an accurate address to match them at the location. If the company was reported as dissolved by the secretary of state they will be excluded.

Companies are identified as an Active tenant at a location if there is a source that provides a service address, billing address, or the address used on an application indicating that business is conducted at that location. While the model looks to confirm and validate sources, if a company is incorrectly identified with an address over a period of time or multiple sources indicate that a business is there, then the business is included in the tenant list for that building.

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