Target High-Potential Prospects

Target the right prospects and expand your acquisition audiences
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We offer advanced consumer financial insights and campaign optimization tools so you can find high-potential customers who are more likely to be able to spend, save, invest, or borrow. Confidently expand or refine target audiences and deliver the right offer to the right consumer or business across offline and digital channels.

6 Ways Equifax Can Help Improve Your Prospecting Campaigns

Optimize Performance
Ignite for Prospecting
Ease data management, deliver offers faster, and use automated feedback loops to improve response and conversion rates.
Expand Your Audience
Equifax Consumer Attributes
Enhance your model performance with the industry's largest, most powerful set of cloud native attributes. 
Engage Online Prospects
Digital Engagement
Connect with prospects in Digital channels and expand your reach using targeted email and display ads. 
Target the Best Prospects
Financial Durability
Target consumers with strong financial resilience and ability to spend.
Discover New Opportunities
Household Economic Insights
Find customers and geographies with growth potential using our consumer financial and economics insights suites. 
Segment and Personalize
Economic Cohorts
Use household economics-based segmentation to create audiences and personalize message and creative.

Real Solutions. Real Results.

See how customers have targeted high-potential prospects.
Capture More Deposits
Freedom First Credit Union generated 1000% more deposits over the previous year by using WealthComplete to target wealthy households with assets at other firms.
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Leverage Digital Channels
One customer used financial-based targeting for Addressable TV advertising and saw a 30% increase in new account openings.
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Solutions to Analyze Market Potential for Various Industries


Better identify consumers likely in-market for a new car or loan/lease financing. 


Grow commercial accounts and make smarter decisions with the right data, seamless delivery and dedicated service

Communications & Utilities

Reach high-potential consumers with relevant offers for new plans and equipment.

Credit Unions

Discover prospects ready for credit offerings and market across their desired channels.

Financial Services

Find asset opportunity and expand lending audiences while mitigating risk.


Identify and target high-potential consumers with insights on financial capacity.


Model ideal players and target new player segments

Higher Education

Tailor your outreach to improve your school’s competitiveness with prospective students

Mortgage & Housing

Assess consumers for new loans and rentals.

Retail & E-Commerce

Market to consumers likely to have the desire and capacity to purchase your offerings.

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