Product Overview

Government agencies face challenges in determining eligibility and remitting benefits to individuals moving in and out of the criminal justice system. Access the largest real time, nationwide, and historical incarceration data network that interfaces with over 2,800 jails and correctional facilities.

Perform point-in-time searches or monitor specific populations, such as Medicaid or SNAP/TANF beneficiaries, unemployment insurance claimants, and hard-to-locate non-custodial parents.

Who It's For

Social Services Administrator

Help determine if an individual applying for, or renewing benefits, is incarcerated.

Child Support Enforcement Officer

Locate incarcerated or released individuals to modify or enforce child support orders.

Employment Security Director

Help detect unemployment insurance payments being made to individuals who are currently incarcerated
Maximize Benefit Reach with Incarceration Intelligence
Get a more comprehensive picture of specific individuals moving in and out of the criminal justice system to help your agency mitigate overpayments and enable smooth reinstatement of medical, nutrition, housing and other support lifelines upon release.

Access the largest, nationwide incarceration data network

Interfaces with over 2,800 jails and correctional facilities
Over 85% of all incarcerations in the US
Historical booking records maintained, 1M+ records added monthly
Cloud Solution

It’s Simple to Get Started

Incarceration Intelligence is available as an API so you can quickly test and deploy this capability in a secure environment.  We support multiple options to help you innovate without constraints, develop production ready applications, and meet compliance needs.


Kentucky CSE - Saves Time Searching for NCPs

According to the Kentucky Division of Child Support Enforcement (CSE), the time spent searching for each individual non-custodial parent (NCP) has gone, generally, from weeks to minutes.  In just 90 days, the Kentucky CSE was able to locate 40% of its “watched” NCPs. Staff now have more time to devote to meeting new clients, attending court dates, and pursuing other NCPs who are more difficult to locate. 

State Agencies Save Money by Reducing Overpayments

The California Department of Health Care Services determined that 1,800 beneficiaries were actually ineligible to receive benefits, with projected cost savings of $7.4 million over 24 months. 

The Illinois Department of Employment Security saved $8.6 million in improper payments, detected $1.8 million in overpayments, and successfully recovered $659,000.

Real-Time Monitoring of New Incarceration Activity

With Incarceration Verification, agencies are able to monitor target populations as they move in and out of incarceration. Notifications upon booking can help prevent unnecessary payments, while notifications on release can trigger processes that help individuals regain access to benefits. Get immediate alerts on the following:
  • Booking into an incarceration facility
  • Serving a certain length of stay (e.g., 6 months)
  • Release from an incarceration facility
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