Product Overview

Gain insight into non-prime consumers and those with thin credit files with DataX - an FCRA governed specialty CRA created to uncover creditworthy non-prime prospects by looking beyond traditional credit reporting. DataX uses alternative payment types (checks, cash, money orders, ACH, etc.), and is inclusive of full header, tradeline, performance and payment data. None of the tradelines are found in the consumer credit file, so using both data sources creates a fuller and more up-to-date view.

Reveal Prospects

DataX helps you minimize risk and maximize performance while revealing your best prospects within this untapped audience
Verified Data Quality & Accuracy

All contributors get an audit and report card to ensure the highest quality data.

Data Freshness

Daily uploads of data confirm accuracy and validity in near-real-time.

Flexible File Formats

Data is accepted in a variety of formats and delivered to you in API or batch.

Faster Onboarding

DataX requires very little time and resources to get started, and is easy to implement and get up and running quickly.


DataX can help you find millions of new customers

By leveraging unique, exclusive access to industry-leading specialty finance and alternative lenders, DataX helps propel you ahead by identifying new prospects and opportunities. DataX gives you a report full of everything you need to make more informed lending decisions, including:

  • Application information
  • Conflict indicators
  • Unique identifiers
  • Tradeline summaries
  • Payment history details
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