Telco, Pay TV and Utilities Insights

Trended Credit*Hi-Lite ™ plus new Telco, Pay TV and Utilities attributes unlock powerful, verified insights that are not traditionally available

Expanded Information Has the Potential to Help Create Greater Home Ownership Opportunities For Millions of U.S. First Mortgage Applicants

These expanded insights will be delivered at no additional cost to lenders and won't be used to deny applicants for mortgage loans or other services. 

15 new Telco, Pay TV and Utilities attributes

Payment information directly reported by 160+ telco, pay tv and utilities contributors

Instant access to insights on 191M unique customers

Access Telco, Pay TV & Utilities Insights — Only from Equifax

Helping The Mortgage Industry Drive Greater Efficiency and Visibility

Delivering additional insights into an applicant's credit profile that can make mortgage underwriting faster and easier while helping to reduce manual underwriting processes and reviews. 

Helping Consumers Achieve the Goal of Homeownership

Improving the mortgage lending experience for everyone while creating more potential for consumers to secure a loan. 

Providing powerful new insights that help to automate, save time and resources, and streamline the first mortgage process for every applicant – creating more potential for millions of Americans to achieve their goal of homeownership. 
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