Inflection Insurance Score

Creating valuable insight into policyholder risk

Product Overview

Credit-based insurance scores are a recognized source of powerful insight into policyholder risk. When combined with industry-leading experts who understand the compliance landscape, that power leads to a change in direction.

Inflection™, is a powerful predictive score that helps insurers improve segmentation and quoting.

Key Benefits


Lay a foundation with comprehensive credit data


Gain insights from a powerful trended model


Apply analytics and insurance compliance expertise


Micro-segment risk for more accurate pricing


Refine personal property programs


Combine with ISO® Personal Auto Program 


Innovate with use cases across the policy life cycle


Integrate with ease into your workflows


Improve competitiveness and avoid adverse selection
Product Sheet

Inflection Insurance Score

Insurers that leverage a superior trended-credit predictive analytics model start with a balanced framework in which to evaluate consumers. The end result is a dynamic inflection point for risk segmentation that can lead to more accurate pricing and significant competitive advantages. 

Real-world Experience Enables Targeted Micro-segmentation

The Inflection Insurance Score, built by Verisk®, is an industry-leading, credit-based scoring solution for personal auto and property insurers. To improve risk segmentation, pricing and customer service across the policy life cycle, Inflection can provide up to 2.8 times the lift between the lowest and highest risk bands in predicting losses over control models that don’t include credit-based attributes.¹

Get the Best of All Worlds - And Take a Turn for the Better

A strong strategic alliance between Equifax and Verisk means a wealth of skill and expertise from two global industry leaders, all devoted to solving your challenges. Our shared expertise helps you get the most from a credit-based insurance scoring model across the policy life cycle.

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