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Discover personal finance tips and tricks around everything from managing your money to saving and planning for the future.

[Video] The Top 10 Money Mistakes People Make

How many of these common money mistakes have you made? And what can you do to correct them when they occur?

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Four Tips for Loaning Money to Family

Think carefully before lending money to family: Unpaid debt could lead to strained relationships

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Six Tax Mistakes and Penalties to Avoid

Missing deadlines, making incorrect calculations and misspelling or leaving out essential information are all common tax mistakes that can cost you in the long run.

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Seven Ways to Save Money on Car Insurance

Have you reviewed your car insurance policy lately? You could be missing out on these ways to save money.

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COVID + Credit: Forbearance and Your Credit Reports

How to understand forbearance and your credit report during the Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic.

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How Should I Prioritize My Savings Goals?

There are lots of things in life you might save for — retirement, an emergency fund, a home — but how should you decide where to focus saved money first?

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[Video] How Can I Save When I'm Living Paycheck to Paycheck?

If you’re living paycheck to paycheck, it can be hard to get far enough ahead to save
for the future. These 5 strategies may help.

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[Video] COVID + Credit: How to Adjust Your Budget If You've Been Laid Off

More and more Americans are facing joblessness or pay cuts due to Covid-19. If you’ve had a sudden loss of income, know how to adjust your budget accordingly.

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You Ask. Bev Answers: How Can I Reestablish Healthy Credit Habits After Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy can have long-term effects on your credit scores. In this edition of You Ask. Bev Answers, Bev explores what it takes to rebuild your credit history following a bankruptcy.

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What Do Interest Rates Really Mean?

Put simply, interest is the price you pay to borrow money. Before you agree to a loan, understand how your interest rate will affect the total amount you owe.

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What is a Consumer Statement and Should I Have One?

What is a consumer statement, and when should they be used? Equifax helps clarify the best ways to use consumer statements in this guide. Learn more here.

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Credit Mistakes That May Be Costing You Money

These credit mistakes may wind up costing you money in the long run. Here are nine pitfalls to try to avoid if possible.

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