InstaTouch Pay

Enable payments through digital wallets

Product Overview

InstaTouch® Pay is an API-based payment enablement tool that streamlines the way consumers make online payments. Leveraging Equifax’s unique data, businesses can provide real-time payment options to consumers and limit risk of card-not-present fraud.

InstaTouch Pay helps unify the consumer experience and drive incremental transactions across channels, including eCommerce/retail, financial institutions, integrated wallet providers, closed payment networks, digital media providers, and more.

How It's Used

Improved Customer Payment Experience

Instant access to a pick-list of up-to-date, reported credit card information that can be used for payment without the hassle of entering multiple data points online.

Reduced Abandonment

Limited key entry allows the consumer to complete their transaction with ease, helping drive more sales for the business.

Limited Risk

By accessing a consumer’s credit file in real time, a business can have more confidence that only active cards belonging to the consumer are presented. This reduces the likelihood of a decline or use of stolen or counterfeited cards.

InstaTouch Pay for Financial Services

Give consumers access to their new card faster.


InstaTouch Pay for Retail

Automatically pull in consumer credit card information, and offer one-click payments.

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