Prevent Fraud Risk & Loss

Identify and validate consumer identities and business customers to mitigate fraud risk

Fight Fraud Throughout the Customer Journey 

Protecting the integrity of your business and your reputation against fraud while reducing customer friction requires more than a one-off approach. It calls for a persistent prevention strategy and a trusted partner.

We can help you create a layered fraud defense for end-to-end protection across the customer journey. Our identity and fraud solutions can help your business catch and act on fraud attempts quickly while preserving the customer experience and increasing conversions.
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Prevent fraud during the car buying process

Communications & Utilities

Verify identity to prevent new account fraud

Credit Unions

Deliver a frictionless member experience while authenticating members to prevent fraud

Financial Services

Build identity trust without causing friction for banking customers


Reduce digital fraud without sacrificing customer experience


Reduce fraud and minimize risk at every step of the player journey


Confirm benefit eligibility and protect program integrity


Authenticate patient identities and deliver better outcomes


Verify policyholder identity with confidence

Mortgage & Housing

Protect against identity fraud when tenant screening


Simplify operations and mitigate risk as you onboard and manage merchant relationships

Retail & E-Commerce

Avoid point-of-sale fraud and chargebacks while managing customer satisfaction


Verify identity for merchant onboarding

A Layered Fraud Prevention Strategy That Works

As digital fraud expands and accelerates, we know you are hyper focused on mitigating risk at the point of interaction, account opening and all along the customer journey.

Our layered approach can help you prevent losses due to identity and synthetic identity fraud, as well as account takeover schemes, fraudulent transactions, illegal transfers and other prevalent types of fraud. Tackle fraud with a configurable, integrated solutions that only Equifax can provide.
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