Prequalification of One

Increase marketing ROI by better matching consumers with their desired credit options
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Product Overview

Prequalification of One enables a consumer to easily check their credit eligibility for offers before a credit application is initiated, which can help minimize credit rejection and avoid a negative impact on their credit score.

This cloud-based service supports real-time processing online or in person through a call center, a point-of-sale (POS), and more. It also helps credit marketers engage with consumers in the digital channels to increase approval rates and credit utilization. 

Strengthen Customer Engagement and Enhance User Experience

Prequalification of One can simultaneously improve customer experience, while increasing marketing ROI from unknown traffic to your website, building brand loyalty, and better capturing cross-sell opportunities. 

A Guide To Better Digital Advertising Through Data

Tactics, tools and real-life brand case studies that show advertisers how they can use additional data sources to help improve their online advertising campaigns.

Convert More Browsers and Reduce Abandonment

Prequalification of One helps increase acceptance rates by returning the prequalification offer in real-time within several seconds. 

By engaging with consumers in the channels they are using, and responding to the self-identified need of consumers, you're better able to capture more opportunities and increase “stickiness” with a broad range of consumers.
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