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Reach Your Prescreen Audience Through Email
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Product Overview

Prescreen campaigns have long relied on direct mail to reach a target audience. But today’s consumers rely on digital means for their correspondence and transactions. It is critical to get your Prescreen offers in front of your audience via the communication they check frequently – their email.

Append email addresses to your Prescreen list and deliver firm offers of credit and insurance directly to your target audience’s inbox - optimize messaging, pivot fast, and help drive quicker response.
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Who It's For

Director of Marketing
Drive cost-effective credit acquisition campaigns, while reaching the right audience
Campaign / Advertising Manager
Increase campaign reach, reduce costs and improve speed with offers via email
Digital Marketing or Ad Agency
Target desired Prescreen audience via email with a firm offer of credit
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Send firm offers of credit to your Prescreen prospects

Prescreen email offers without direct mail? Yes! If desired, Prescreen offers can be delivered only via email, saving you the significant time and expense of direct mail execution. Our email match logic and multi-scrub hygiene process enables you to maximize Prescreen email deliverability.

Maximize the reach of your campaigns

Reach your targeted Prescreen audience cost-effectively

  • Combine with direct mail or use email alone to extend budget
  • Enhance visibility
  • Gain quick response to offers
  • Test and refine easily: 60 days usage rights to check open rates, change time of day, update design, and re-present offers
  • Append email addresses to both Prescreen and ITA house lists

Target consumers at their preferred email address

By sending FCRA-compliant firm offers of credit to your prescreened and ITA prospects via email, you can optimize messaging, pivot fast, and help drive quicker response. Or, append emails to your CRM for retention campaigns.

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