Collateral Value Connector

Optimize your collateral valuation process while reducing costs

Product Overview

With a large number of AVMs currently in the marketplace—many with proprietary platforms and confidence scores—it can be challenging to compare valuations to find the most accurate option for a property or area. Collateral Value Connector™ from Equifax organizes industry-leading AVMs in a waterfall arrangement, enabling lenders and servicers to optimize their automated collateral valuation strategy, streamline workflows, and facilitate compliance with federal collateral valuation guidelines.

Independently Validated Process

Unlike other providers in the industry, the accuracy of our cascade process is assessed by Solidifi, an independent, third-party vendor that utilizes a wide range of exhaustive testing criteria—ensuring our solution is properly calibrated and returns the most accurate valuation possible for a given subject property.

Key Benefits

Improve Efficiency, Mitigate Risk, and Reduce Costs

  • Increase hit rate and accuracy by accessing the best performing AVM through a cascade process flow
  • Mitigate valuation risk—specifically, over-valuation
  • Reduce costs with an accurate alternative to expensive appraisals
  • Boost the confidence of regulators by providing evidence of model validation by an independent third party

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