Verify Eligibility for Government Programs

Automated, real-time data can streamline the verification process for government programs

Expedite Benefit Determinations with Timely Data

Government agencies and organizations who administer social services programs know it’s critical to have access to timely data. For food and housing assistance, medical insurance, child support, unemployment benefits, and other programs, verifying information to determine eligibility quickly and with the most up-to-date information available is key. Automating the use of real-time data can streamline this process to help qualified recipients get the help they need while maintaining program integrity.


Verification is crucial for government programs with eligibility requirements

Mortgage & Housing

Leverage financial insights for more effective cross-sell and retention efforts


Medicare, Medicaid, and CHIP rely on verification for program integrity

Communications & Utilities

These highly regulated industries manage various government programs

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Let us help to streamline and speed up your process, reduce duplication, and make sure you’re basing your decisions on the most up-to-date information. We offer a variety of services to help government agencies verify eligibility for individuals applying for and/or recertifying for public assistance programs, in addition to helping child support agencies establish and modify child support orders as well as locate non-custodial parents.
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