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With more than $40B of fraud identified annually within the P&C Insurance industry, photography fakes are a fast-growing, easily executed threat that can’t be ignored. The traditional on-site inspection process is expensive, slow, inconvenient, and frustrates policyholders. Alternatives like having policyholders upload images may also lack credibility. 

Truepic Vision is a digital inspection platform that provides a simple and efficient way to receive verified, trusted images and videos directly from policyholders. Traditional physical inspections can now be done virtually to speed up turnaround times, decrease expenses, and improve customer satisfaction.

Truepic's patented technology acquires provenance data (origin, contents and metadata) from photos and videos from the moment they are captured and uses strong cryptography to protect the images from tampering before they reach the intended recipients.

Valued benefits of verifying images in real-time:

⦁    Help prevent and detect fraudulent attempts
⦁    Enable more streamlined and secure decisions
⦁    Perform instant inspections for all insured items
⦁    Improve customer satisfaction through a quick and easy experience
⦁    Expand total customer base by speeding up the underwriting process


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Time saving is based on a customer waiting for 2 days for an inspector to visit and submit their report. Carbon Impact is based on an inspector traveling 45 miles to/from the required location by car and one mature tree absorbing 22 pounds of carbon per year - according to study by One Tree Planted .

The Truepic Savings Calculator is intended to provide an estimate of the potential cost savings that Truepic customers could achieve when switching to virtual inspections. Exact savings may differ and in some cases maybe even higher. Request a demo to see just how much you can save by switching to Truepic.


Save time, money and improve customer satisfaction

The traditional inspection process is expensive, can be inconvenient and slow, and on-site inspections frustrate policyholders. Alternatives, like having your policyholder upload images may lack credibility.

In today’s digital environment, insurance carriers also have to address the increase in manipulated, fraudulent images — a serious risk for businesses that rely on photos or videos to conduct operations — which will only continue to worsen as technology advances.

Truepic Vision simplifies insurance inspections in three easy steps:

Customers receive a text or email with a secure link to download the Truepic Vision app. This app will be customized and branded for the carrier. No account login or registration is required by the customer.
Customers capture images or videos based on the carrier’s customized list of required digital content. Truepic instantly receives and verifies the content using data from the device’s image sensors. A digital fingerprint is then created, stored and locked.
Once complete, a notification is sent to view the results. Browse the analyzed content and verification results instantly in the Truepic Vision dashboard. 

Establish seamless, online interactions in real-time

Establishing a level of trust in every identity and at every touchpoint, has become critically important given the monumental shift to online, digital interactions and subsequent sky-rocketing fraud driven by digital acceleration.  Businesses are fighting hard for every customer, yet it is more important than ever to strike the right balance between better fraud detection and improved customer experience. Equifax is pleased to partner with Truepic to do just that. 

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