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Make more informed hiring decisions with verified employment data

Smarter Hiring Decisions Can Start With Our Data

We know how important it is to hire the right people with the right qualifications and experience- it's not always easy to know if the information on an application aligns with a candidate's actual work history. 

Our workforce solutions can help you detect inconsistencies or omissions in applications, confirm work history, and validate experience. With our verified employment data, you'll know more about your candidates up front and be set up to help make faster, more informed hiring decisions.

Trusted Data Delivered 24/7 For Real-Time Insights

Our workforce solutions give you access to verified income & employment data from more than 2M+ contributors and nearly 125M+ active records from employers of all sizes. Plus: Our reports are delivered 24/7, so you always have our most up-to-date & relevant candidate data available. 

All of this can help you verify employment and income history more efficiently and accurately - with a more holistic view of your candidates, you can make better informed hiring decisions.
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