Verify Income & Employment History

Timely, reliable, automated data can improve verification and reduce risk.

Unique Data Means Better Decisions and Less Risk

Developing a solid understanding of current and past employment and income status is a challenge. You need additional context from a clear view of wealth, ability to pay, income history, government program eligibility, and/or risk of delinquency or default, so you can make decisions with confidence. Verify customers', prospects', or applicants' details using enhanced, real-time data, and you can benefit from deeper insights.

Financial Services



Mortgage & Housing


Verifications Provide a Variety of Benefits

There’s more value to verifications than you might think – throughout the customer or applicant life cycle. Whether you're looking for ongoing understanding of a customer's financial situation, or you want to better segment your audience, speed up processing to improve the approval experience, or help ensure eligibility for applicants or renewals, Equifax solutions can help.

Verify Throughout the Journey, for a Variety of Reasons

  • Be aware of customers' financial changes
  • Better segment your audience
  • Speed up processing
  • Improve the approval experience
  • Ensure applicant or renewal eligibility
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