Product Overview

Custom Score Variables v2 provides access to attributes that provide predictive lift across a wide variety of industry segments.

Custom Score Variables v2 (CSVv2) deconstructs attributes contained within MasterScore® v2, allowing modelers unprecedented access to predictive data and state-of-the-art scoring science. These variables have sufficient breadth and depth to be used as the sole inputs to models, combined with other data sources, and/or prebuilt scores from Equifax or others.

Raise your custom scores to the next level of predictiveness

Modelers know that their models can’t be any more predictive than the data that goes into them, and that the greater variety of predictive data, the better. Custom Score Variables v2 includes 192 total variables, which can be selected individually or by clusters as needed for your scoring mode, including:

  • Similar Business Risk Data 
  • Smarter Versions of Borrower Repayment Variables
  • More Complex Borrower Behavior Variables
  • Business Background Data
  • Public Record Data

Key Improvement Stats

key industries for which delinquency data is available, by state.
Total Variables Contained in Custom Score Variables v2

Maximize predictive capabilities of your custom score model

By incorporating variables proven to be predictive across - not just within - economic cycles, you can mitigate losses and increase originations and profits using models customized to the specific borrower attributes and characteristics that are most important to your business.

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