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Help spot immediate and future risk with the Equifax Business Credit Report
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Product Overview

Whether you need domestic or international business credit reports, Equifax offers vast coverage and information, with an unmatched focus on the critical small business segment. We can help you make confident decisions. Equifax Business Credit Reports give you the deepest level of insight into the validity, financial stability, and performance of more businesses. We offer a full suite of solutions so you can choose the business credit report that best meets your needs. 
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International Business Reports

Protect your business with International Business Reports. The reports check on the financial status of international suppliers and customers. Receive the most current information from anywhere. Choose from three levels of service to fit your needs through our online platform. 

Case Study

Transform credit and collections with the help of Equifax

Lennox needed a more consistent and connected process for reviewing and approving customers and recovering debt. The company achieved this and more with the help of a world-class credit management solution from Equifax.

We offer a full suite of solutions

Knowing more about your business prospects, customers, and vendors helps you make more confident decisions. You will be able to set terms that optimize profitability while minimizing risk. Each report may contain the following types of information:

  • Firmographics
  • Public records: judgments, liens, UCCs, and bankruptcies
  • Trade payment history
  • Financial payment history
  • Corporate family trees and identifying information for each business level
  • Small business owner and/or guarantors associated 
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