Product Overview

Gain a more complete, holistic view of consumers

Better understand risk at every stage of the consumer lifecycle, from marketing and segmentation to account management and portfolio assessment. Consumer IncomeView combines multiple attribute data sets with the power of machine learning techniques to improve the accuracy of consumer income estimation.

Consumer IncomeView is used across multiple industries during various stages of the consumer lifecycle: prospecting, customer acquisition, account management and debt management. Consumer IncomeView helps to:

  • More accurately estimate income for more confident decisions
  • Gain a better understanding of risk throughout the consumer lifecycle
  • Improve non-adverse action risk management
  • Enhance marketing and risk management in the financial services, auto, card, insurance, communications, healthcare and retail industries

Consumer IncomeView is a next generation income model built with innovative tools that provide more accurate minimum income estimation than other models and tools in the market today. As an example, if the model outputs an estimated income of $60,000, 79% of the time the consumer’s true income will be that amount or greater.

Consumer IncomeView is more accurate, more valid and tested against more consumers. Our advanced modeling techniques and unique proprietary data and attributes, help to strengthen consumer strategies and drive better business decisions now and in the future.

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