Product Overview

Providing insurance rate quotes, as more consumers shop online, means the industry uses comparative raters and online aggregators - roughly one-quarter of U.S. auto insurance shoppers annually receive three quotes each time (average). Carriers need to compete better as they face diminishing quote-to-bind rates and costs of an aggressive online marketplace. We can help by providing insights with an insurance risk score so to segment and quote more accurately- and earlier - at “Rate Call 1.”

Key Benefits

Improved Accuracy

Improve the rating accuracy of your initial quote

Competitive Quotes

Instantly generate your most competitive quotes at Rate Call 1

Win More Online Business

Help win more business in a highly competitive online environment

Increase Close Rates

Optimize costs and increase close rates within high-volume quoting channels

Credit is a Key Driver in Rate Accuracy

Understand meaningful consumer behavior earlier in the application process so that you can provide more accurate quotes that could result in improved conversions. 

InititalQuoteScore uses a highly secure protocol, upon consumer consent, to automatically plug a consumer’s insurance risk score into your online rating plan. You can then instantly calculate and return the most competitive quote, often several percentage points lower, with the benefit of this powerful insight using credit data.

InitialQuote Score

InitialQuote Score can help by providing a cost-effective consumer credit insight you need to better understand consumers at the start of the quoting process, so you can make more accurate and competitive initial quotes that win more potential business.

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