Analyze Market Potential

Assess markets by financial potential, find opportunity and grow your business with data-driven insights

Differentiated Data For Effective Market Analysis and Growth

Without robust market data that reflects opportunities and risks, making confident decisions about how to grow and resource your business can be difficult. We help you evaluate markets by consumer affluence, income, credit, and more, understand market-level business activity, and provide metrics so you can gauge market size and share.

Measure your market opportunity with greater granularity and precision using consumer wealth and credit insights.
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Greater Insights

Market-based financial insights to inform your planning and analytics:

  • Market-level wealth and economic insights
  • Geographic credit insights
  • Historical credit data for modeling
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Our Marketing Data, Your Business Strategy

  • Understand your market size and share
  • Know when and where to pursue expansion
  • Identify regional financial preferences
  • Use market trends and intel to set goals
  • Actively manage your resources
  • Assess market-level opportunity and risk

Financial Services

Analyze market-level assets and credit to assess opportunity and grow share of market


Understand market landscape to identify profitable expansion and new customers


Assess markets by affluence, income and financial capacity to gauge opportunity

Communications & Utilities

Assess markets by financial capacity and durability, optimize market planning, and inform marketing

Mortgage & Housing

Analyze market-level affluence and credit trends - identify opportunities for growth

Retail & E-Commerce

Estimate consumer spending potential to inform location planning and campaigns


Understand the potential of geographies to help grow your base


Discover and connect with new, interested player audiences

Credit Unions

Gain insights into consumer affluence and credit behavior and identify members for expansion

Higher Education

Research your school’s strengths and weaknesses, close knowledge gaps when considering new curricula and offerings

Find your next hot geography

  • Examine market-level financial data to find geographies that offer growth opportunities
  • Locate markets with rising affluence, income, or assets
  • Benchmark performance by share of wallet by region
  • Understand business lending and delinquency trends
  • Identify markets where you should expand or reduce your footprint
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