Product Overview

Personal loans are more popular than ever. Despite this, many lenders still have trouble attracting customers with the most competitive offers. To remain competitive, financial institutions must extend credit offers to more applicants with greater confidence.

Insight Score for Personal Loans provides greater predictive power helping you expand markets, increase conversion rates and better serve your customers.

Usage and Features

Alternative Data Sources

Communications, pay TV and utility payment history to augment risk scores and widen pool of prospects

Improve Accuracy

NeuroDecision® Technology (NDT) and explainable AI

Configuration Options

Make the most competitive offer, improve targeting, and service customers better


Benefits Include:

  • Expanding market - layering alternative data to augment risk scores and widen pool of prospects 
  • Greater predictive power -  using advanced data science techniques such as trended data, NeuroDecision Technology (NDT) and explainable AI, to improve accuracy
  • Better customer servicing and retention -  improved targeting to ensure you make the most competitive offer and provide a frictionless customer experience

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The innovative Equifax Insight Score for Personal Loans is a FCRA risk score optimized for unsecured personal loans used for new account origination, underwriting, and pre-screening.

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