Analyze Multi-Data Assets for Credit Risk

Access expanded data sets and advanced analysis for a more holistic view of credit risk

More Data, Better Analysis - Better Risk Management

Generate meaningful insights and manage risk with powerful AI-enabled analytic capabilities.  Our analytic platforms provide a unified experience that combines the best of data and analytics with decisioning execution.  Get a complete picture across multiple data sources, generate insights by leveraging machine learning and modeling automation, and move from analytics to production faster with our cloud-native solutions.
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Financial Services

Know your customer better with new insights from expanded data and deep analysis.


Use multiple data about prospects, customers, and dealers to reduce your risk.


Real-time data access and fast analysis help you get ahead of potential risks.

Mortgage & Housing

Better data and analysis can reduce the risk of borrower delinquency or default.

Communications & Utilities

Observe changes in customers' financial picture to identify about issues early.


Expanded data and deep analysis give you layers of protection against credit risk.

Retail & E-Commerce

Deliver a fast purchase experience while minimizing risk.

Capital Markets

Rich data and advanced analytics enable continued risk assessment and mitigation.


Evaluate business risk thoroughly with expanded data.


Gain confidence in your understanding any changes to your customers' financial status.

Credit Unions

Leverage expanded data and advanced analysis to mitigate risk with alternative data.

Go a Level Deeper for Better Decisioning and More Approvals

  • Core credit assets, attributes & scores
  • Robust commercial data via the CFN
  • Alternative credit data
  • Income and wealth information
  • Telecom and utilities data through NCTUE
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