Closed-Loop Attribution

Measure the impact of your digital marketing

Assess the Metrics that Matter Most

With our proprietary closed-loop attribution solution you can better assess digital marketing effectiveness and see the impact that your campaigns have on your metrics and revenue.
How it works:
  • Define marketing campaign objectives
  • Execute the campaign (online & mobile ads, addressable TV, targeted radio, etc.)
  • Measure performance by matching the audience to the targeted digital ads and sales revenue/conversions
  • Plan next steps based on return-on-ad-spend and elements with the most impact

Smart Digital Marketing

Discover more digital marketing resources and ways Equifax can help you use data to fuel your acquisition strategies and conversion rates.

Target the right audiences online

Working with Equifax, you get a one-stop-shop to help you securely onboard and segment your target audience, execute omni-channel marketing campaigns, and measure results with closed-loop attribution.

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