Marketing Identity Elements

Validate, enhance, and link consumer records to support your marketing campaigns

Product Overview

With Marketing Identity Elements, companies can augment and verify their customer identity and contact data to better support successful communications to each individual in their target audience.

Marketing Identity Elements offers the raw consumer data needed to validate, enhance, verify, and link consumer records for effective CRM management and better ensure your messages reach your target audience. Most importantly, it is approved for use as part of marketing campaigns.

Who's it For

Data Acquisition

Validate and enhance customer contact information to strengthen identity graphs


Ensure marketing campaign deliverability across channels

Customer Insights

Link customer records and gain holistic view across databases

Key Applications

Marketing Identity Elements are best used by a company or marketing data provider to support identity graphs, CRM hygiene, and identity resolution efforts. Key applications include:
  • Validate and enhance customer contact information to strengthen identity graphs
  • Link customer records
  • Connect names and aliases
  • Confirm channel contact details
  • Confirm gender, age, and date of birth data 
  • Flag or remove deceased consumers

Enhance Consumer Segments

As an optional add-on to core Marketing Identity Elements, records can also be appended with financial capacity insights to differentiate consumers that are most likely to be able to purchase or invest in your products and services.

These insights — including estimated income, affluence, spending power, and financial durability — can help marketers identify, segment, and reach attractive audiences for marketing campaigns.

Augment your customer data with identity data

With the vast amount of intricate consumer data that companies collect and maintain — often across multiple corporate databases — it is no surprise that customer contact data can be inaccurate, incomplete, or inconsistent across a single company.

Leverage identity data to better manage your CRM, ensure your reach and engage your audiences.

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