Product Overview

FraudIQ Identity Alerts act as a first line of defense against fraud. Our solution leverages more than a dozen up-to-date public and proprietary databases to alert you to potential or known identity theft and application fraud in real-time.

Get only the alerts you need — when you need them — and opt out of the ones you don’t to avoid unnecessary noise. Plus: It’s easy to incorporate FraudIQ Identity Alerts into your existing processes to help prevent and reduce new account fraud.

Who It's For

Chief Fraud/Compliance Officer

Minimize fraud risk, maximize compliance and competitive advantage 

Line of Business/Marketing Leader

Generate revenue, ensure compliance, maximize customer experience

Head of Operations

Avoid losses, manage external perception, maintain efficiency 

Chief Security Officer/IT Leader

Manage online validation and authentication protocols, protect against data breaches

How It's Used

SSN Alerts

SSN Alerts use a proprietary comparison algorithm to alert you if the applicant’s Social Security number (SSN):

  • Can’t be matched to a name in our database Is associated with a different name Is associated with the name given
  • Is associated with a different name
  • Is associated with the name given
Identity Scan Alerts

Identity Scan Alerts use detailed comparisons and proprietary analytics to deliver alerts based on:

  • Credit file (fraud victim, active duty)
  • Address and phone number
  • Social Security number
Helping You Achieve

Better Intelligence is Better Business

Equifax is constantly innovating to help you stay ahead of the fraud curve. FraudIQ Identity Alerts — powered by our wealth of proprietary data resources — provide the intelligent insights your business needs for better fraud prevention and management.

White Paper

The Stark Reality of Synthetic ID Fraud

The growth of synthetic ID fraud shows few signs of slowing. Learn how to quickly and accurately spot this prevalent type of fraud and mitigate risk without encumbering legitimate customers with unnecessary checks.

Download the White Paper
What we do for you
Can I use both alerts?
Can I use both alerts?

Yes. You can use SSN Alert and Identity Scan Alert independently or together, depending on your use case.

Can I choose which alerts I receive?
Can I choose which alerts I receive?
For the SSN Alert, you will receive one alert that identifies the condition of the SSN in our data. For the Identity Scan Alert, you can choose to receive one alert, up to four alerts, or up to 15 alerts. You'll receive alert
Does the SSN Alert check the SSN against the Social Security Administration’s lists?
Does the SSN Alert check the SSN against the Social Security Administration’s lists?

No. The SSN Alerts checks the Social Security Number against Equifax information derived from credit header files. 

Can I use the alerts for compliance?
Can I use the alerts for compliance?

You can use the alerts to assist with identifying who you are doing business with, as a part of your KYC and Red Flag processes. 

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