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Product Overview

Lenders today need to be able to easily validate existing risk models, market to the right customers and analyze the impact current economic conditions may have on their portfolio to reduce risk and stay competitive. Get the data and insights you need with Archives on Demand, the cloud-based, self-serve platform that provides quick access to historical and geographic consumer data. Combine data from the complete collection of diverse Equifax data assets for more strategic decisions, accurate risk model validation, and stronger marketing. And eliminate complexity of archives projects by leveraging pre-defined models and attributes or requesting specific zip codes or states.
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Key Benefits

  • Leverage pre-defined models and attributes to eliminate the complexity of archives projects.
  •  Access 50 years of archived data, on demand, without analyst support.
  • Optimize origination and underwriting by validating your existing risk models.
  • Improve marketing effectiveness with a deeper understanding of consumer financial behaviors.
  •  Cut process and delivery time by 50% with a cloud-based, self-serve platform.
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Who It's For

Need to run model validations to help reduce risk and find new target customers — fast and without reliance on analyst support. This cloud-based technology and a user-friendly interface speed the project lifecycle from around two months to just a few days.

How It Works

Select Your Criteria

Select your criteria by leveraging pre-set models and attributes packages, uploading or selecting desired zip codes or states, and/or requesting specific archives periods.

Submit Project Request

Submit the project request. Upon submission, the request is instantly sent to an Equifax fulfillment analyst for processing.

Receive Your Report

Once processed, a report is returned, stripped of all personally identifiable information (PII), so models can be built and validated without compliance issues.

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Fast access to historical and geographic consumer data

With Archives on Demand from Equifax, get the data and insights you need for accurate model validation, stronger marketing, and reduced risk — while eliminating the complexities of archives projects. Learn more about how this cloud-based, self-serve platform can benefit your business today.

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