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In today’s dynamic marketplace new business applications are growing at an unprecedented rate. With the number of new applications increasing by more than 45% annually compared to pre-covid times, it has become more and more difficult for businesses to know who they are doing business with prior to forming a relationship. Having access to current and accurate business data is the key to quickly identifying legitimate businesses and reducing the potential risk of fraud.

Business Verification Solution

The Business Verification Solution is an online offering designed to help onboard new business accounts or vendors quickly. Through a rigorous validation process, Equifax will help confirm the business information matches verified data collected from a number of trusted sources, including:
  • Secretary of State
  • Bankruptcy
  • Merchant Cards
  • Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC)
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Included in the Business Verification Report:

Business Verification Score
This score analyzes is the available information of the business and provides an assessment and the potential for fraud.
Company Profile
Includes information that most closely matches the inquiry information, including business name, legal name, address, firmographics, and more.
Principal Owner
Lists the business principal, guarantor, or both, as well as address and tax ID matches against Equifax data (if available).
OFAC Screening
Screen businesses and the owners/principals against Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) lists.
Associated Businesses
A list of businesses potentially associated with the business owner or principal submitted during the initial inquiry.
Credit Inquiry
Summarizes recent credit inquiries, to provide a view into the applicants recent activity.

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