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What is InstaTouch ID

InstaTouch ID uses Equifax and mobile carrier data to instantly validate your customers' identities. Then, it autofills form fields with their personal information to reduce data entry and accelerate the transaction process. The fast, secure and user-friendly experience keeps customers happy and your fraud losses down.

Who’s It For

Line of Business Leader

Convert more sales by providing a better user experience

Head of Consumer or Digital Experience

Improve the consumer experience while reducing cost of fraud

Head of Marketing

Optimize for lead generation, customer acquisition and retention, and conversion rate

Head of Risk/Compliance/Fraud

Develop fraud strategies to meet fraud loss targets

Head of IT

Reduce technology costs and strain on existing resources

Head of Security

Balance customer access with organization’s security standards and policies
Helping You Achieve

Deliver a Secure, Frictionless Customer Experience

InstaTouch ID can benefit your business in more ways than one. For starters, our unique data sources, innovative technology, and expertise in identity resolution help verify that your customer really is who they say are at the point of acquisition. On top of that, autofilling data fields for customers improves their experience — especially on mobile. The result: Happy customers, reduced abandonment and minimized fraud risk.


Discover Your Maximum Viable Person

When you know applicants and existing customers better, you can mitigate risks and focus on those who will help your business grow. Learn how to identify your Maximum Viable Person with the right mix of data, analytics and technologies, applied in ways that don't disrupt the consumer experience. 

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