Product Overview

InstaTouch® Offers, a customized marketing and credit offers solution, enables additional ways to connect with consumers and build loyalty through lines of credit and real time customizable marketing firm offers. 

Utilizing Equifax’s credit data and combining it with verified identity enables a business to customize a firm offer of credit to the consumer based on shopping behaviors and limit risk.

How It's Used

Personalize Customer Experience

Enable businesses to drive a more effective, contextual customer experience with offers associated with the consumer’s online search and purchase behavior.

Instant Pre-Approval

Unique digital pre-screen provides qualified shoppers with instant pre-approval of the credit line or marketing firm offer, which may be used immediately upon full credit approval.

Limit Risk

Digital application process keeps consumer PII private, limiting vulnerability to consumer information.


Exceed Consumer Expectations with a Low-Friction Experience

This product improves and simplifies the online commerce experience for both businesses and consumers. 

Businesses can help drive increased account originations and repeat usage of store-branded credit cards at the point of purchase while helping increase potential profit margins and brand loyalty. Consumers are confident when they are presented with a qualified offer or credit line they know they are pre-approved for with a reduced risk of denial.


From Friction to Flow with InstaTouch

InstaTouch simplifies the way consumers and businesses interact digitally. All three products in the suite (InstaTouch ID, InstaTouch Pay, and InstaTouch Offers) give consumers the improved experience and convenience they desire across many types of interactions — from shopping and paying for services online to applying for a line of credit or opening an account.

Learn how our InstaTouch Suite can help you improve your consumer experience, reduce risk and drive business growth in this eBook.

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Connect with our sales team and discover how this product can meet your business needs.

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