Identity & Fraud

We’ll help you fight fraud at every stage of the customer journey by leveraging the right solution at the right time.

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Our Capabilities

We can help you detect and mitigate fraud without disrupting the customer’s experience.  

A Layered Approach to Fraud Prevention

Fraud can occur at any point in the customer journey, and it’s getting harder and harder to detect as tactics become increasingly more sophisticated and more people interact with companies exclusively online.

We can help you simplify the application process, improve authentication and compliance checks and verify identities with digital, real-time solutions that have proven to reduce fraud risk by 90% and operational overhead by 30%.

Leveraging the right solution at the right time is key to stopping fraudsters and reducing losses. We work with businesses to create a layered approach using our products and solutions to fight fraud at every step of the customer journey.

Trusted Identity Services For Every Stage

There is no single solution for fraud. Threats exist at every stage of the customer journey, from discovery and acquisition to engagement and recovery.

Our trusted identity and fraud solutions can help you verify a consumer’s identity, assess risk, and give you more comfort that it’s legal to conduct business with them — all without adding friction to the overall customer experience. We can also help you detect account takeover schemes, fraudulent transactions, illegal transfers, and more fraud that has potential to occur later on in the customer lifecycle.

Equifax can help you build this greater identity trust by combining digital and physical attributes, including:


  • 32B annual interactions
  • 600M email addresses
  • 1B+ IP addresses


  • 225M+ identities
  • 1B unique devices
  • 400M physical addresses
  • 280M ship-to addresses
  • 420M phone numbers
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What Can We Help You Do?

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Case Study

Tackling Fraud Initiated Through Authorized User Abuse

A leading credit card issuer was struggling with rising unrecoverable charges. The customer knew that a portion of card accounts were a result of synthetic identities created via authorized user abuse, but did not have an efficient way to identify them.

With FraudIQ Synthetic ID Alerts, this client was able to pinpoint card accounts that were likely to be a result of authorized user abuse and better protect their business from fraud write-off charges. Learn more about how Equifax helped in this case study.

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Drive Smarter Revenue and Improve Customer Experience

Collaborate with Equifax and leverage our powerful combination of differentiated data and advanced analytics, built on a cloud-native data fabric and scalable global platforms, for more timely and trusted insights and better-informed decisions.

Working together, we can create certainty in real time, over time, at any point along your customer’s journey. We’ll tailor our solutions to meet your distinct business needs, helping you drive smarter revenue and achieve better customer experiences.

ID&F Quarterly Report

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