Product Overview

Credit Trends is a powerful intelligence tool that delivers unmatched perspective into anonymous, time-series credit data, specifically attributed for trending, market analysis, benchmarking and research purposes. Utilizing proven Equifax technology and analytics to link and track account level credit data for the complete Equifax U.S. consumer credit database over time and across a number of different dimensions and monthly credit history from July 2005 to present.

How It's Used


Strengthen market analysis and research


Benchmark portfolio performance against peers


Identify product trends and opportunities


Build targeted strategies


Increase profitability and revenue

Helping You Achieve

Understand Performance in the Broader Context of the Market

Credit Trends helps you to customize your performance perspective by market, geographies, peers and specific metrics and history by delivering rapid monthly updates across 20 mutually exclusive product categories. It provides granular, relevant and actionable data to support decisions and help build strategies.
With access to a timely credit perspective, you can stay agile and adjust marketing, acquisition, lending and account management strategies as the business cycle evolves and the economy shifts.


Market Pulse Series

Access timely economic and credit insights via webinars, reports, and podcasts.

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