Absolute Probability of Default

Identify overall portfolio risk, risk in key segments and customer base, to make agile and informed business decisions

Product Overview

Portfolio management often presents unique challenges – even more so in unique times like these. Challenging times call for proactive, efficient tools that reinforce confidence in your portfolio management. Identifying overall portfolio risk along with risk in key segments, and the risk of existing customers allows you to make agile and informed business decisions. Equifax's Absolute Probability of Default® (AbsolutePD®) gives you full visibility with an online platform for risk analysis.
Product Sheet

Identify the risk in your customer base

AbsolutePD's probability of default and reporting tools allow you to direct your focus where it is most needed while staying on top of your portfolio risk management. Download our product sheet to learn more.

Introducing Absolute Probability of Default
Learn more about how AbsolutePD takes care of the complex process of  assessing industries, the economy, and the customer to arrive at credible, reliable risk ratings and streamline your portfolio management.
Case Study

Identifying Growth Area for Business Banking Loan Portfolio 

A large regional bank faced a major challenge to grow organically in the face of unexpected losses. As a result of the losses, significant expense reduction measures had been put in place. The head of business banking identified this bank’s small business loan portfolio as a primary segment for growth. The bank employed AbsolutePD to achieve 9.5% targeted growth in its loan portfolio with $1,912,000 increased revenue.

Stronger Portfolio Management is Within Reach

There’s no time like the present to strengthen your portfolio management processes. Balance your risk and rewards more effectively with Equifax's AbsolutePD.

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