Verify, Authenticate, & Link Identities

Establish trust in the identities of your customers with our verification, authentication and linking tools

Complete Identity Verifications With Confidence

Change your approach to digital identity verification and fraud prevention so you can fight fraud without disrupting the consumer’s experience.

At the first point of contact, use layered authentication practices to vet consumers properly and thoroughly and develop a baseline for later interactions to assess if certain behaviors are consistent or anomalies that might indicate fraud.

Get digital authentication right to provide dual protection for your business and the consumer. 
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Achieve Better Business Outcomes 

  • Segment customers by financial capacity
  • Optimize cross-sell and up-sell offers
  • Find hidden opportunity
  • Deepen engagement & grow share of wallet
  • Inform treatment groups to build loyalty
  • Expand lending audience
  • Identify customers that can spend or invest more
  • Seize in-market customers seeking credit

Financial Services

Identify high potential customers to grow share of wallet and deliver next-best offer


Segment customers to determine future auto needs and spending capacity


Understand consumer financial capacity and credit to assess cross-sell offers

Communications & Utilities

Mitigate churn and maximize profitability with consumer segmentation and insights


Leverage economic insights to help policyholders protect what matters most

Retail & E-Commerce

Enhance shopper profiles with likely ability to spend more

Mortgage & Housing

Leverage financial insights for more effective cross-sell and retention efforts


Quickly identify and stop fraud throughout the gaming lifecycle

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