Product Overview

Portfolio Risk Manager analyzes a lender's portfolio every 30 days to continually generate a relative risk ranking of the current status of each of your commercial account customers. Each month's dataset includes our current and historic MasterScore® v2 for each customer and their performance with other lenders.

A Global View of Portfolio Risk

Portfolio Risk Manager helps you:

  • Monitor — Identify borrowers that are having cash flow problems with other lenders before they stop paying you, and identify those that are still paying other lenders even though they have stopped paying you.
  • Detect — Understand obligor’s recent payment activity and borrowing practices.
  • Prioritize — Know which borrowers are most important to contact this month.

Improve your Portfolio Risk Monitoring

Portfolio Risk Manager provides quantified and objective metrics for your portfolio risk managers and credit administrators. It is also useful for collections, special assets and litigation teams.

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