Cashflow Insights

With Cashflow Insights, consumers can grant permission to lenders to access their bank transaction data. With this insight, lenders can more confidently extend credit to consumers – especially those with thin files or no credit history.

Who It's For

Digital and FinTech Lenders
Use alternative data to enhance risk assessment and approve more applicants
Resellers and Service Providers
Leverage consumer-permissioned bank data to inform decisioning
Small Business and Student Lenders
Incorporate new data to broaden view of businesses and consumers' financial position

Millions of Consumers Have Thin Files or No Credit History

In fact, approximately 32 million consumers in the U.S. either have no credit file, or have insufficient credit information to generate a traditional credit score.
But over 70% of Americans are willing to share more personal data for fairer credit decisions. That's where Cashflow Insights can help. By enabling lenders to access consumer bank transaction data, lenders can pinpoint prospects who may have a more reliable financial record than their traditional credit report suggests.

Key Benefits

Approve more applicants

Increase the scorable audience with consumer-permissioned bank data from Yodlee

Uncover new revenue opportunities

Gain insight on existing customers as well as thin and no-hit credit profiles

Access bank data

Analyze balances, expense transactions, credit payments, and payroll information

Ensure compliance

Framework supports lending process: prequalification, account review, monitoring

Leverage real-time data

Quickly make more informed risk decisions

Improve the consumer experience

Provide faster credit reviews and enhanced service

Extensive coverage and proven results

Cashflow Insights can provide 24 months of account balances, spending/payment history, and income data for about 99% of bank account transactions from over 21,000 global providers.
The solution enables lenders to:
  • Increase card approvals: Bank data on 40% of lender's credit card applicants can increase approvals by 8.2%
  • Gain lift in predicting delinquent accounts: Lenders realized average lift of 13.2% among thin-file and 8.3% among non-prime/subprime consumers*
*Equifax analytics
Cloud Solution

Up-to-the-minute information

Consumer-permissioned bank transaction data is available to lenders on demand and in real time for quicker, deeper visibility and better risk decisions.

How It's Used

Registration and consent

Applicant registers for the service and provides consent and credentials to enable lender to access bank account(s)

Data access

Lenders get a detailed cash flow, income, and asset report for a more comprehensive view of the applicant's financial profile.


Lender incorporates data to inform approval decisioning

Consumer controls experience

Consumer can activate and deactivate access at will

Expand Access to Credit to More Consumers

Traditional credit metrics do not always reflect a consumer's current financial situation and ability to to take on a new financial obligations. By leveraging alternative data sources such as Cashflow Insights consumer-permissioned bank transaction data, lenders can better qualify, underwrite, and manage more loans - and provide more consumers access to credit.

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