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Faster decisions, from analytics to execution
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Make smarter decisions, faster

Equifax Ignite is a unified environment that combines the best of data and analytics with decisioning execution, providing:
  • Rapid access to unique, differentiated data for more predictive insights
  • Advanced attribute and modeling tools for automated deployment
  • Automated feedback to evaluate and optimize results
  • Flexible, modular applications that support your existing technology platforms

Take complete control of your analytics and modeling with everything you need to build and update high-performing models and scores located in one location.

See the Difference

Differentiated data, predictive analytics and streamlined decisioning you can’t get anywhere else, all delivered in one cloud-based environment.

Powerful Data

Leverage multi-sourced data

Automated Deployment

Get to market faster

Feedback Loop

Monitor and refine analytics as you go

Explainable and Adaptive AI

Get the most out of your models with artificial intelligence and machine learning

Keying and Linking

Key and link disparate data across multiple sources
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Analytics Your Way

Build It Yourself

Equifax Ignite offers a “do-it-yourself” solution for companies with analytics teams who want to develop models and scores themselves. With cloud-based, scalable computing capacity, analytics teams can manage mass amounts of data, faster.

  • Explore unified data and technology in an easy-to-use, sandbox environment

  • Analyze and find actionable insights faster through a centralized analytics and modeling environment

  • Get multi-layer security and data governance with role-based access and auto-generated compliance documentation


We Build It for You

If your business has unique needs, “off-the-shelf” models and scores may not always work. Building customized solutions can quickly turn into a black hole of time, resources, and money. When you need to outsource your analytics, our onshore team of 400+ experts can help.

  • Leverage pre-built components to mix and match variables and design a configurable solution quickly

  • Link and trend unique data from multiple sources and tailor it to your specific industry — such as communications and digital media or automotive

  • Infuse specialized data and use different data combinations to pinpoint specific risk groups, target audiences and more


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Decision and Deploy

Quickly move from analytics to production. The day an analytical model is finalized is the day it is most predictive. Each day the model is prolonged due to challenges with deployment and governance cycles, it loses value and predictability deteriorates.
Equifax Ignite connects multiple decisioning platforms and technologies to deploy analytics using the latest tools and advancements — from explainable AI to rules decisioning.  With these versatile, end-to-end decision management options, you can get to market quicker.

Access Equifax Ignite via:

  • InterConnect® - Through our data agnostic decisioning platform, you can connect information, intelligence and insight for a simpler, faster and more connected user experience — all in the cloud for security and convenience.
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Visualize Performance

Bring big data to life with Equifax Ignite Marketplace. Nothing can breathe life into cryptic, raw data like transforming it into illustrated graphs, charts, and tables. Apps located on our online Ignite Marketplace, allow users to choose from a collection of pre-built, configurable visualization applications to:
  • Easily produce graphs, charts, and tables for actionable data analysis -- via phone, tablet or laptop
  • Provide executives, risk managers, and business analysis with direct access to data for benchmarking, performance, and market insights
  • Leverage aggregated and anonymous data to help protect against data theft, fraud and regulatory noncompliance

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