Make Smarter Decisions, Faster

Equifax Ignite combines all of the data, analytics, and technology you need into one cloud-based ecosystem so you can make fast, data-driven decisions. 

Rely on Equifax Ignite to keep up with changing market conditions and power your decision-making.
  • Gain rapid access to consumer financial behaviors fueled by your data, Equifax data, and more.
  • Leverage dashboards and advanced analytics to inform your strategies.
  • Build new models and refine existing with a results feedback loop.
  • Find opportunities to grow your business, better manage your customers, and speed time to revenue.
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See the Difference

Take control of your analytics and modeling with differentiated data, predictive analytics, dashboards, and technology - all in one place.
Always on technology, access from anywhere, and get to market faster.
From data to analytics to production in one ecosystem.
Powerful Data
Leverage your data, Equifax data, and third-party data.
Keying and Linking
Connect all datasets, support identity resolution, and remove PII.
Compare segments, view campaign results, benchmark performance.
Pre-built and Custom Models
Speed your most common analytics fueled by adaptive AI and machine learning.
Test Scenarios
Optimize models with “what-if”, champion-challenger, reject inferencing, and more.
Feedback Loop
Incorporate results and refine analytics as you go.
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Powerful Data: Gain a Broader View of Consumer Finances

With Equifax Ignite, you can go beyond your own company’s data to better understand consumers’ finances. Connect your data with Equifax and third party data through our identity resolution processes to gain a single, holistic, anonymous view of consumers. Then, enhance your acquisition, origination, account management, and consumer research strategies with an expanded view of financial behaviors and characteristics.
  • Credit scores and attributes
  • Specialty finance
  • Income and employment
  • Affluence, spending power, and financial durability
  • Bill pay behavior
  • Property data
  • Demographics
  • Trended credit data
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Analytics Your Way

With Equifax Ignite, you can choose how you want to interact and view the data. Plus tie in a results feedback loop to fine-tune criteria for your next campaign or analysis. 

Off-the-Shelf Approach

Speed analytics and time to market:

  • Leverage pre-built models 
  • Mix and match preconfigured variables
  • Access industry-specific solutions
  • Segment and compare groups to find opportunities and risk
  • Visual interface to bring big data to life and quickly gain high level view

Do-it-Yourself Approach

Dig in to the data:

  • Mix and match data in a sandbox environment
  • Use a historical view of consumer behaviors to better predict the future
  • Easily explore new datasets, build new scores, and assess the impact on your models
  • Test scenarios to optimize criteria for more robust modeling: on-the-fly, “what-if”, champion-challenger
  • Leverage AI and machine learning
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Decision and Deploy

Access Equifax Ignite directly or via your DaaS provider (Snowflake and Amazon). Quickly upload your own data and incorporate more data. Then, seamlessly move from analytics to production. Equifax Ignite can tie in to your existing campaign, account management, and business platforms, so you can implement your decisions quickly. 
faster processing power
more applicants could be made scoreable with differentiated data
reduction in time to offer delivery - build models in weeks, not months
*Equifax data and analytics

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