What Is MasterScore® v2

PayNet MasterScore® v2 allows lenders to automate and improve their credit decisions while providing predictive abilities that are superior to trade credit data. It’s an ideal solution for lenders servicing multiple industries.
PayNet MasterScore v2 is developed from one of the largest pool of term debt leases and loans ever compiled to predict 90+ days past due.
​​​​​​​It focuses on the many factors in a borrower’s profile that are most predictive of repayment and offers comprehensive risk management.

Key Improvement Stats

fewer losses vs. typical credit score without reducing loans
increase in approvals without increasing defaults
specialized scorecards built based on borrower industry, size, age, or combination
Helping You Achieve

Superior predictive credit scoring

The PayNet MasterScore v2 contains a total of 587 variables and 135 unique variables. It was built using an extraordinarily large development sample, over 3 million transactions and 135,000 defaults, which made it possible to build specialized scorecards, 29 scorecards in all, based on borrower industry, size, age, or some combination.

Case Study

Launching a new lending portfolio with better decisioning data

Seeking to accelerate its already impressive growth rate, an alternative finance lender to small and mid-sized businesses turned its attention to the equipment financing market. Read this case study to learn how our client tapped into the power of PayNet MasterScore® v2 to provide holistic services to its existing client base while creating a new revenue stream.

View Case Study

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