Construct stronger results with customized targets

Help Increase Acquisition and Maximize Results

  • Make confident, time-sensitive offers when consumers are likely to respond.
  • Optimize marketing performance by targeting a specific group of interested, qualified consumers
  • Better segment consumer groups for more tailored card offers
  • Help reduce risk by targeting consumers who are less likely to default on payments
  • Boost marketing ROI by generating more targeted lists of high lifetime value prospects
  • Extend Prescreen campaigns via email and digital 

Who It's For

Director of Marketing
Drive cost-effective credit acquisition campaigns, while reaching the right audience
Campaign / Advertising Manager
Increase campaign effectiveness and mitigate risk with relevant scores and attributes
Digital Marketing or Ad Agency
Target desired Prescreen audience via digital with a firm offer of credit
Product Sheet

Learn More About Equifax Prescreen

Prescreen delivers pre-approved, valuable consumer prospects tailored to meet your credit profile criteria. Increase acquisition by honing in on the markets and customers with greater propensity to benefit your portfolio. Prescreen creates the ideal target list and leverages more than 1,500 credit attributes, including event and behavior-based triggers, and allows you to create your own credit-based attributes.  Prescreen is a consumer report and its use is regulated by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

Product Sheet

Extend Prescreen Offers Via Email

Enhance your acquisition campaigns by matching Prescreen lists to email addresses and send FCRA firm offers of credit or insurance via email. 
Our email deployment partner offers best-in-market email solutions based on one of the industry’s largest databases of high-quality, compliant, opt-in, and validated email addresses that is continuously refreshed to ensure accurate inbox delivery.

Build Specific, Targeted Campaigns to Grow Your Portfolio

  • Drive higher acquisition rates with deeper consumer insights
  • Help maximize revenue by focusing on the right targets
  • Support customized account strategies. You can do this by understanding credit profiles
  • Identify stronger cross-sell and up-sell opportunities in your portfolio

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