Product Overview

Business verification is vital to reducing your fraud and financial risk and facilitating compliance. You need quick, simple tools for critical due diligence tasks.

Who's It For

Risk Officers

Validate and onboard more commercial prospects

Compliance Officers

Comply with a variety of 'Know Your Customer' regulations.

Business Identity Report Training Guide

Confirm more commercial prospects, customers, and vendors by receiving data on businesses of all sizes. Business Identity Reports offer detailed insights including firmographic data from the Equifax Commercial database and more. Equifax Business Identity Reports can be used for:

  • Business identity verification
  • Tax ID verification
  • Fraud detection
  • Regulatory compliance such as Know Your Customer
  • Due diligence
  • Low exposure risk assessment decisions

Gain Comprehensive Data on Different Size Businesses

Your business needs a quick, simple tool for critical due diligence tasks. Equifax's Business Identity Reports will give you the confidence to confirm your customers by providing reliable data on all different size businesses. Our data comes from trusted sources, which we verify, so you can feel secure in establishing business relationships.

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