Bankruptcy Navigator Index 5.0

Maximize your portfolio profitability and protect against the immediate, long-term or surprise risk of bankruptcy
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Product Overview

Bankruptcy Navigator Index (BNI) 5.0 is a Fair Credit Reporting Act scoring model that predicts the likelihood that a consumer will file for bankruptcy within the following 24 months.
​​​​​​​This product utilizes a powerful combination of market-leading Equifax consumer credit data and reliable predictive analytics to generate a score for each consumer. This score allows you to independently evaluate bankruptcy risk, which can help mitigate losses and improve your portfolio performance.
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Our Technology Can Improve Your Portfolio Performance

The BNI score leverages the latest in data science including patented NeuroDecision Technology® (NDT) from Equifax combined with trended consumer credit data and analytics.
​​​​​​​The next-gen data science techniques powering our high-performance predictive model deliver you the reliable, accurate insights you need to help distinguish potentially profitable consumers from those who are likely to cause significant losses.
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Key Benefits

Mitigate Losses

Protect bank profits from bankruptcy risk and improve overall risk management

Generate More Revenue

Identify profitable customers with greater accuracy using our predictive model

Maximize Portfolio Profitability

Improve portfolio performance by anticipating bankruptcy risk

Better Decision-Making

Make more consistent decisions across the customer lifecycle

Advance Your Business With Powerful, Predictive Analytics

The combined power of Equifax differentiated NeuroDecision Technology and trended data allows you to make better decisions about consumers, more accurately segment customer populations, and better understand consumer risk.

​​​​​​​ Timely, relevant and reliable consumer insights can help you better predict bankruptcy risk, improve business performance and protect revenues.
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