Optimize Portfolio Performance

Smarter solutions and insight to help you evaluate, grow, and optimize your customer portfolio

Right Offer, Right Customer - Big Revenue

Get more from your existing portfolios by understanding and reacting to changes quicker and more efficiently. Equifax can deliver more insight to help you review, evaluate, and optimize your portfolio with reliable and unique data and advanced analytics that help drive more predictive decisions.
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Financial Services

Recognize possible delinquencies, assess credit lines, and offer relief where needed.


Manage the most valuable customers while mitigating losses.


Optimize profitable customer relationships not fraudulent ones.

Communications & Utilities

Engage and retain account holders.


Assist with patient account management and debt collection.


Offer existing policyholders the best rates and service while reducing risk.


Evaluate business risk thoroughly with expanded data.


Gain confidence in your understanding any changes to your customers' financial status.

Mortgage & Housing

Apply event-based, in-market insights to segmentation and retention strategies.

Retail & E-Commerce

Engage the right customers at the right time in the right channel.

Credit Unions

Get a fuller picture of your members finances with unique data and advanced insights.

Bring Value to Both Sides of the Relationship

  • Spotlight your opportunities and gaps.
  • Know if changes happen that elevate risk.
  • Know if changes happen that elevate risk.
  • Provide a better digital experience.
  • Provide a better digital experience.
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