What Is B2bConnect™ Portal

For marketers, seamless execution on campaigns is often more fantasy than reality—especially when it comes to integrating data with distribution channels. You need an all-in-one tool, and B2bConnect™ Portal delivers.

This user-friendly platform lets you pull customer lists in real time and leverage them to initiate an omni-channel marketing campaign.

Who’s It For

Campaign Manager

Sets up and sends direct mail campaign to a targeted list - all in one platform

Data Manager

Downloads a targeted list and uploads to CRM for data cleansing

An All-in-One Data + Marketing Platform

You need the ability to unify and harmonize data across your organization to integrate records through a unique identifier applied in real-time. With our B2bConnect data, get the information you need in minutes versus weeks so that you can make better decisions faster. 
Put it all together with B2bConnect™ Portal, which not only lets you pull targeted data in real time but enables you to initiate and execute an omni-channel marketing campaign - all on one seamless, user-friendly platform.


What Makes us Unique

Multiple Tools to Execute a Single Campaign

Executing on marketing campaigns is often challenging, since data for the target list and distribution tools must be pulled together from multiple platforms that don't always integrate seamlessly.

Our Comprehensive Business Database

Our B2bConnect database is a function of over 200 sources, which provide validation of our information and more timely updates as our database is updated daily.

An All-in-One Marketing Campaign Platform

B2bConnect™ Portal makes marketing campaign execution as painless as possible by giving marketers the ability to pull their target lists with B2bConnect data and send a campaign - all from one tool.

Key Benefits

Standardized customer data

Powered by B2bConnect™ data, giving you confidence that the data is accurate

One platform for data and marketing

Segment prospects and initiate campaigns within the same tool

Self-serve access

No need to wait on others to assist - this user-friendly platform lets you do it all

Omni-channel marketing

Execute a campaign through email or direct mail so you can target appropriately

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