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The Risk Insight Suite® provides invaluable information and resources that help you make profitable decisions
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Product Overview

With the Risk Insight Suite, you'll get up-to-date information on credit conditions, lending activity, and loan performance across the country, including:
  • Loan default forecasts
  • Downloadable national historical data
  • Monthly commercial credit conditions reports
  • Exportable customizable charts and graphs
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Experience the Risk Insight Suite

Try out this interactive tool and see the benefits for yourself:

  • View and compare national and state credit information
  • Access 12-month loan default forecasts by state
  • Generate customizable graphs and reports
  • Gain unique insights into the small business economy
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What is the Risk Insight Suite?
Watch the video for an overview of the benefits offered by the Risk Insight Suite for hands-on analytics and decision-making.

Assess risk exposure for your business

Default is a point-in-time measurement of borrowers that have failed to remain current and as such is a vital piece of information to evaluate the health of the overall economy.

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